We’ve looked for a game that fits this special place in our heart time and time again and haven’t found one. So we made it ourselves – Now here it’s for you:

Beastcaller is a mix of traditional Trading Card Game and a lot of Miniature Tabletop: A 1v1 where two rivals bashing their heads in using summoned creatures. Additionally they have many spells traps and reaction cards at their disposal.

Welcome to the World of Beastcaller! Here myths and folklore of the past come back to life. Just a few years ago people started to observe strange beings roaming in the woods and streets. Shortly after they realized these creatures existed all along – in their minds:

Stories of house fairies helping out cleaning their house at night. Tells of Goblins protecting the captain of the ship or gruesome Vampires living as outcasts in their horrifying mansions. Now there are people who claim to call these Beasts at will. But how will they use their newly acquired skills? And how did they get them?

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